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Evan Remedios

Golden Valley Virtual Charter School10

Ventura, CA | Ventura County


August 15, 2013

Golden Valley Virtual Academy is surpassing my expectations. I am so proud of my 13 year old's grades and learned self-dependence. She has so much extra time for social activities and her own creative interests because she can focus on her courses the best way it suits her own style of learning, which for her is longer emersions in one or two subjects a day. Since starting at GV two years ago, her circle of friends has grown in number and quality because she is not limited to classmates, rather she is meeting teens with common interests and values in youth groups and extra curriculars which she has so much more time for! Her projects and assignments are always available to her, so there is nothing to forget in her locker. She is amazing and it finally shows when she struggled before. This new method school prepares her better for the new tech world than the "old school" way. She feels good about her accomplishments and says she has learned more by doing than she ever has in class trying to listen. I love that she functions on her own and navigates her days because it makes me feel secure about her future!

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